Sunday, 6 April 2014

Love EVERY Body #5

Hi folks. The fourth assignment for Love EVERY Body focuses on our stomach/waist: 'How do you feel about your stomach/tummy? Maybe it bears the marks of carrying a child. Maybe it looks different than it did years ago. Maybe an operation scar has changed the way you feel about it.' 

I have a love/hate relationship with my stomach. I kind of like the squishy softness of it, but then I sometimes dislike the way it looks in some clothes and wish it was more 'streamlined'. Somewhere among the flab I have a waist, and if you pull it all to the front (yes I actually do this sometimes) I'm actually quite curvy/hourglass-like. Sometimes I wish I was curvier/more defined, so that I can be the 'good'/acceptable fat that society wants me to be, but then I get annoyed with myself for thinking such things.

I've got a lot of stretch marks, but either they're not as visible as they used to be or I don't really notice them anymore. They don't really bother me. I've probably got a few little scars, too; I hit myself with an iron once (I don't even know how). I also have a little bit of hair that goes up to my belly button, which used to bother me but not so much now. I don't like my belly button being touched because it makes me feel like I need a wee!

I remember back when I finished school, in the Summer I wore a bikini. I was smaller than I am now, probably around a size 16-18, and was just starting to develop body confidence. Although I did look different back then, I've always really viewed myself as being the size that I am now. It's a difficult thing to explain. Would I wear a bikini now? A high waisted one probably, yeah. That is if I ever went on holiday! Or even to the beach. I don't have a passport and living in London now I rarely see the seaside; not enough to warrant buying a 'fatkini', anyway.

Most of my fat is situated around my stomach and the sides. I'm not a fan of the whole fruit shape thing, but it's the easiest thing to relate to and I still find myself using it; I think if it wasn't for my massive backside I would be an apple, although my shoulders aren't narrow. I don't have much else to say on the subject really...

I kinda like my stomach most of the time these days, maybe I even love it a little.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Fatty Got a Jobby, or Not

Image © Getty Images | Recently I asked on Twitter if anyone had any ideas of fat politics/issues I could write about on the blog. Leah (of 30 Something Curvy Me) sent me a Tweet, saying: "I heard someone genuinely say that they lost weight so they could be taken seriously as a Director! She went through three lots of surgery to get to a happy size. She is successful, but is that right?" Interesting topic, I thought, but I'd need some material to reference, so I started off with a quick Google search ('lose weight to get a job 2014')...

Queue jaw drop. The first result was 'Top diets review for 2014' on the NHS Choices website. Granted the list gives semi-useful pros and cons from the British Dietic Association (BDA), but what on earth is the NHS doing promoting diet/weight loss plans?!

I already know that the NHS practically endorses some plans as, for example, you can get a certain number of weeks and the membership fee for Slimming World via your GP...don't get me wrong, I'm not 'anti' (all of) these things and if it works for you then go for it (personally, Slimming World works for me; see my previous post), but I would expect the NHS to be promoting healthy eating/a healthy lifestyle, not (what are, in my opinion, mostly fad) diets.

Next on my reading list is an article that's making me think that next time someone makes a comment about my weight, I'm going to tell them it's because of my job and see what they say; the article I'm referring to is on the US version of Women's Health magazine's website and is entitled 'The Jobs That Make You Most Likely to be Overweight'. Because, of course, the worst possible thing you could be is overweight; ignoring the fact that you actually have a job in the current economic climate, when many people don't. What's worse is that the article claims that this information comes from a new study in Preventing Chronic Disease...err, pardon?! I am fat, obese, overweight, whatever you want to call it, but I do not have a disease. Obesity is not a disease. Weight is not 'a disorder or structure of function' (that is the Oxford Dictionary definition of disease). Oh wait, don't worry, exercise and diet play a part, ****, Sherlock.

Anyway, I digress. I could go through a million links and pull them to pieces. At the end of the day it's not going to change the fact that society places a great deal of importance on aesthetics. I don't think that someone should have to change their appearance (with the exception of looking 'smart', obviously) to get a job, progress in their career or, well, basically for any other reason than that they want to. But, if I'm being honest, I'm not convinced that people's perceptions will change any time soon. Personally, on the job front, I think being fat is the least of my concerns; being young, female and having pink hair are more likely to go against me than the size of my backside (unless I can't fit in the chair).

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Boohoo Plus Launch

Images © Big Fat BettyFollowing on from my review of some items from new Boohoo Plus range, I was thrilled to be invited to the launch on Thursday 13 March (yes two events in one day, lucky me)! It was held at the The Sanderson Hotel in London (near Oxford Street) where we were treated to a lovely afternoon tea, which was beautiful both in taste and appearance. It was lovely to catch up with some of the other plus size bloggers in attendance and the ladies from Boohoo were equally lovely; there were lots of laughs and conversation was flowing.

Of course the main focus of the afternoon was the launch of the Boohoo Plus range. There were plenty of exciting pieces including on trend pastels, floral prints, neons and denim. It was exciting to hear that, following its success, extending the size range is on the cards (the range is currently available in sizes 16-24).

I'd like to thank Boohoo for the invitation as well as the lovely afternoon tea and the gift of not one but two items from the range; I chose the floral jacket (as seen here, it's not available online yet but I believe the stock has just come in so hopefully it will be soon!) and the Ruby Lace Skater Dress in black.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else Boohoo Plus has in store for us!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Outside My Comfort Zone #29

I'm late again, but only by a day this time! This challenge is 'Pastels' and was chosen by Hollie (of Pretty Big Butterflies) who wrote: 'Pastels are here for Spring & Summer but I'd love some inspiration from you lovely ladies. I want to see you florish in fondant colours. Pinks, mints, sky blues...the list goes on. I don't want to hide away this Summer so this will be good practice!'

I have to admit that pastels have never really been my bag, and they still aren't, although recently I've been experimenting with lighter shades and I must admit I absolutely love this outfit that I've put together from Simply Be (especially the jacket!).


#1 Simply Be PU Pink Biker Jacket, £70.00 (sizes 12-32)
#2 Coloured Slim Leg Jeans in Coral, £30.00-£33.00 (sizes 12-32, available in 28", 30" and 32" leg length)
#3 Mood Statement Flower Necklace, £25.00
#4 Claire Richards Peep Toe Shoe in Nude Pink, £45.00 (sizes 4-9, E or EEE width, also available in black) 

NB: Prices as displayed online on 27 March 2014

I think you could either wear a plain white top under the jacket, or a black one with black shoes for an 'edgier' look.

PS: You can get 10% off and free delivery with the code WXHK5 (from Voucher Codes, expires 18 June 2014)!

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

JABC (March)

Hi folks. March's theme is 'I bet you didn't know...'. There are probably quite a lot of things that most of you don't know about me, but they're not very interesting...I'm not sure this is either but I'll go with it anyway! I'm in my 3rd and final year of University, studying BSc Social Policy & Youth Studies. I graduate in July, although teaching finishes on 1 May and my last assignment deadline is the end of May.

I'm writing my dissertation on the sexualization of young women and I hope to either work in research, policy or the advocacy and inclusion of young people. My 'dream job' so to speak would be work relating to the body image and self-esteem and/or sexualization/sexual exploitation of young women, as these are my areas of particular interest.

Anyway, I won't bore you with any more information, but if it's something you're interested in feel free to ask questions!

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